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Zidel Marketing represents some of the finest consumer electronics brands in the industry. If you are a manufacturer looking for representation in Canada, or if you are a consumer looking for information, then you have found the right place. With over 35 years of experience in audio, video, home theater, automation, integration, and networking, we can help you negotiate the vast expanse of available consumer technology, both today, and in the future.

Based in Montréal and established in 2009, it is our goal to bring dedicated and passionate representation to manufacturers, and resellers. It is also our goal to educate and inform consumers on the various products and technologies out there.

Rich is a long standing audiophile, home automation expert, multi-room audio designer, landscape audio designer, systems specialist, and  Home Theatre designer, having had the pleasure to train at LucasFilm's Skywalker Ranch.

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Why Uz?

  • if you are in the market for a new audio/video experience, we can steer you toward a great shop or integrator
  • if you have questions about audio/video, we will talk you
  • if you are looking for someone to consult with, or review your project, we can help